Spring is a time for body cleaning. Wild garlic has so many positive effect on our bodies, especially blood cleaning, it is a must have of the season. This little “cake” I have made is with no carbs so ideal also for all who want to lose some weight before the summer. In combination with broccoli and scallions….mmmm…have to give it a chance.

There are numerous ways to combine wild garlic in the food. I did not use it up to now as it was somehow always out of my way when the season starts. This season, as soon as it appeared, I started with combinations, especially after I was reading a lot about its benefits. Out of available internet sources it is clear this is not some plant which is optional, it is a must have for your body.

Garlic is widely known for its antibacterial, antibiotic and possibly antiviral properties, and contains vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and copper. Studies have also shown that it may help reduce blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease. Interestingly, although all types of garlic have these benefits, wild garlic is thought to be the most effective at lowering blood pressure.

I have started modest with this little “cake”. In order to eat as less sugar possible (even healthy sweets) and more vegetables, I started making these kind of meals in my cake dishes. It looks more appealing. More I read, more I understand that vegetables are crucial for our bodies for function properly…

broccoli scallions pie with wild garlic-23

This little cake is an ideal option for dinner or breakfast. If you want to start with savory breakfast especially. The mixture of wild garlic and scallions balances out rather strong broccoli taste. Eggs keep it all together and give additional proteins and healthy fats.

I have got the idea few days ago when we had to purchase Ikea potato-broccoli tots frozen and make them at home as we did not have anything else available. It had only one additive but I limited myself on one piece. They were so good. The rest was happily eaten by my family 🙂

Coming back to the recipe, it is the same as the Ikea tots but the potato. It does give to it certain creamy texture but if you are into losing weight potato is not a good option. But beleive me this without potato was sooooo good. I can still smell it.


50o g broccoli flowers

1 scallion

ten or so pieces of wild garlic leaves

7 eggs

salt, pepper, other spices

parmesan and wild garlic for top coat

Wash broccoli and cut in small pieces. Also wild garlic. Both mix with eggs and spices.

broccoli scallions pie with wild garlic-3

Warm up the oven on 150 degrees. Bake all cca 15 min. Take out and top with parmesan. Bake few minutes more until eggs are firm.


Decorate with some more wild garlic.

And that simple it is…you can keep it in the refrigerator. It goes great with tomatoes and avocado. Great option for take to work because it tastes great cold.

And you can use it as a starter or as a side dish to meat.


And uses out of it?

broccoli scallions pie with wild garlic-29

Exepct wild garlic, your body will be grateful also for double portion of protein, from eggs and broccoli as well for some healthy egg fats. No more need to talk.

broccoli scallions pie with wild garlic-24

Please leave in the comments if you try it and especially if you try it with potatoes.

Until next time, thanx for visit and greetings from Austria!

p.s. somebody was not so happy to try new experiment 🙂

broccoli scallions pie with wild garlic-35