Following video I have published last earlier this week, how to do your own glowy foundation to meet this summer glowy highlihted face trend, I got some questions which highlighters are the best and which I recommend. There are many great highlighters out there (see my  post about some all times favorites  here), currently I love

High Beam by Benefit

Gosh lumi drops

but there is also a way to make your own highlighter out of your old eyeshadows. This is great option as it gives you chance to adjust shade of your highlighter to your overal makeup-you can create bronzy, yellow more cool toned highlighter.

Depending how much shimmer you like you can also choose different types of eyeshadows. You can make your highlighter every time fresh or you can pour all of your eyeshadow into the cream jar and use it as it goes. You can use it also as a body highlighter, for upper and shoulder area, especially in summer! Endless possibilities.

This time I did one time thing, just for showing you the principle. I use very hydrating day cream  I use lately, u can use any cream it suits to you…and a Makeup Factory bronzy eyeshadow with some shimmer in it.


After you are done, half  of the overall thing you can mix with your foundation to get that overall glowy look. Easy right?

Kisses, Jenny