This look was made for indoor photoshoot I had, focusing on books reading and prejudices we all have when it comes to it. One of my new year resolutions was to read more books and being less on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I love internet and I learn so much every single day, but I think that some good books would also find its place in our busy schedules. About this soon.
With respect to the makeup look- the goal was some Barbie like look, with bluish eyeshadow and baby pink lipstick/blush…Still, from far away should not look overdone and plastic, but considering that camera eats half of the makeup, the eyes should be more stressed…This is why this makeup tutorial is more focused on the eyes area.

As you can see this is overall my second video on youtube, but first makeup video. I am still overcoming the technical procedure so I think the most efficient are those speed-up videos, where is still seen what is done.

Eyeshadows colours combination is made:
1. dark and strong blue colour – Inglot mat eyeshadows
2. shimmery silver one on the movable lead – Too Faced from their holiday Grand palais palette – Moon on their Wings (I wrote about the palette here)
3. transitional peachy one – from my newest Marionnaud palette (I love this palette, great quality price ratio and recommend it to all of you needing good choice of colours, which have very good texture, blend easily and are quite pigmented – I have featured this palette on the Instagram few times so check my profile out)

With respect to the eyeliner, I always use a pencil eyeliner to make outer lines and then I go over it with liquid or gel eyeliner. Great option for pencil eyeliner, very cheap, is Bipa Look brand (available in Austria and I think Croatia) – it costs like 3 or 4 EUR and it lasts really long. It does not dry up fast and it is quite precise. Mine is already very old but I have it for sure more then 2 months.
Liquid eyeliner-I always use my favourite one from Nyx-matte black and would not change it. (wrote about that here)

Lately I have a habit to use false eyelashes, but sticking more to demi-whispies type, which look natural at most. These are Ardell and I love them!

Blush is also from Too Faced Grand Palais palette called Skyline

The lipstik is Mac – Giddy

Hopefully you like my first video. It is quite comforting getting good reviews in the beginning so do not be shy to comment, like or share. Kisses and until next Monday.