Not taking experiments in high school into account, I never wore too much makeup. I was somewhere in the middle – daytime less, nighttime more.

My makeup knowledge was always very modest. I experimented a lot, mostly unsuccessfully with eyebrows until I came back to my natural shape. The rest stayed more or less the same – foundation, blush, mascara, maybe eyeshadows and lipstick. That is it!

And this was also somehow enough, especially during the day. However when I have started with blogging, I took my makeup obligation quite seriously (or at least I thought that this was a serious approach) and devoted to it up to one hour before a photoshoot. What was shocking were the pictures. I looked like I have no makeup – face pale, blush non existing and two lines instead of my eyes. Which ever lipstick I would put, except really red one, it was not to be seen.

When I tried to put some more makeup this also looked weird as colours were to strong and they dominated the picture, which made my portrait oversaturated.

What to do but directly to the youtube. I have spent many hours and days looking makeup tutorials and overcoming problems one by one. One by one I tried different looks too. Of course in the same time I was investing in make up – in the beginning a bit cheaper but later more expensive and professional. Some of the makeup was gifted to me by different makeup store owners or in the course of sponsorship deal.

I have learned a lot – at least for me. Like making an eyeliner line which was no go territory for me my whole life. I even know how to put false eyelashes 🙂

While learning I started to enjoy it. In the beginning I did it only before my photoshoots but then it was always more and more…now I am in a phase when it relaxes me. It is very similar to the love for fashion. You stand up in the morning and think what look could you do. I mean…it is not like I do it perfectly from the first time…it can get quite messy! Sometimes I have to do it all over again two or three times…but then I succeed. As time passes by I see that I get better. This gives me motivation to learn even more. It is just one more great way to express my creativity.

I know that all the women, more or less, love makeup and that is reason that I will start to share my new passion on the blog. We will have, besides Trendy Fridays, also Makeup Mondays where I will share all what I have learned and that what  I still learn. It will be a mixed pot. From basic stuff I had to learn first, like choice between liquid and powder foundation, which brushes to use for what, where to put all that different eyeshadows, what makes your eyes/mouth look bigger/smaller up to comparing  between different cosmetic products, cheap ones and those a bit less cheap. On Instagram (@glowhunters, if you already do not follow) I will try to make photos of my looks (those which were successful) and describe how I did it and what was the most dificult.

That is it for the beginning. I do not know where it leads to…maybe also to the youtube. You never know. Let us be surprised.