When talking overall about fall we think about layers (read more about it here) but if you would have to choose one word for this fall/winter fashion then it would be extravagance and a bit of kitsch … Patchiness, flower prints and combination between some quite different patterns were seen with many of the big fashion houses, like Balenciaga, Anna Sui or Miu Miu.

This time in Munich I kept it simple, keeping this cute dusty pink pencil dress in the center of attention while keeping my other pieces neutral – black, white or beige.


Lately as I mentioned also in some previous posts, my weight went ย a bit more up, as I was experimenting with food due to my histamine intolerance (here you can see video about my histamine intolerance issue) so my experiments with fashion also started. Pencil dress is one of those pieces every woman with curves should have-if you make sure is big enough and made out of right fabric it can make wonders for your appearance.


I have chosen to pair it with warm hair band, being another trend this season.

Those bands or head wraps are not just trendy but are great transition from fall to winter-still not being cold enough for big fluffy hats but being cold enough to have to have something on the head (for more inspiration with respect to head wraps check out collections of Gucci, HM Studio or Versace).



One more item always welcome in the fall are leggings – this season especially in focus. If you have shoes in the same colour as your leggings you will be right on point with this year trends or even dressing up totally monochromatic…I love to wear white thin leggings in winter (just not when totally cold, more in fall).




And yes…velvet…Black items in this combo were out of velvet. So in and on the other such a classic…for sure you have something out of it in your closet!?

Out of all the things I wear here the only thing I purchased this winter is this hair wrap. The rest was already in my closet – in my opinion every girl has to have one flower dress made of bit thicker fabric in the closet. But hey, if you do not have you can easily use those thin ones you were wearing during the summer – silk, jersey or thin cotton are also usable with matching pair of leggings.

If you do not want to purchase a hair band you can wrap a scarf around your head (see HM Studio fall winter collection ) and you are in…it is to be remembered…fashion is you! You do not have to rush every season and buy every single trendy piece…enough to have one or two (make sure they are not too trendy so you can use them next season) and the rest you can improvise out of your own closet.

One of the next videos on Glow channel I will talk more about fashion investments I recommend for this season. Until then, let me know what do you think! Would love to get your feedback about fall fashion, your investment decisions when it comes to fashion and what would you like to see next on glowhunters.