Fall time does not just bring a new fashion but also different rules when it comes to the skin care. Besides basic care the cold weather is coming and bringing new challenges when it comes to protection of  our skin.

I had problems for years with acne on my face, especially in stressed student time so I spent years trying to find perfect  product to solve those problems.  While making these efforts  I became aware that there are no rules – for somebody even the cheapest cream can be the solution but it does not mean that it will help you too. It goes other way around – it does not mean if you give a lot of money that your success is guaranteed. I was ready to try both approaches – did try a lot of natural cosmetics, a bit less natural, natural oils….

Cosmetics are for me one of THE important things in care for myself so I never really was so much intimidated by its prices. Even when I was a student I religiously saved money every months especially for this purposes. I believe that as you choose what you eat and put in yourself you should also be very picky what you put on your skin, as your largest body organ.

Here is what currently works for me in my everyday care (I will do a separate post about my introducing of Anti age products 🙂

In my twenties, in the end of my law studies I have discovered Dermalogica, which once and for all solved my acne in my T zone.Dermalogica products do not contain any irritants, such as lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, fragrances or artificial colors. This company does not use animal testing to test its products.


Dermalogica is for sure not cheap but it goes a long way because every time you apply very small amount. If you are about to use their products you should consult one of their specialist and try their so called “face mapping” analysis procedure where they analyse your skin and make “custom made” advise. A Dermalogica professional will divide your skin into zones and give you advice on the best way to care for the different areas of your skin.

This definitely helped me and I use it now for ten years. I always use Precleanse – which is in fact special oil which helps that make up and all the stuff your skin takes on during the day, are melted away and your skin is ready for the second step – final cleaning with Special cleansing gel. It finally removes all the impurities without drying up skin and disturbing its natural balance.

I always stick to the Multi-active toner too which is refreshing skin and preparing it for moisturising.

For years I have used their Active moist cream but last months I have heard a lot of good stuff about Eisenberg cosmetics products so I have decided to give it a try. My Active moist was anyway empty 🙂


It is a french brand using special new developed formula for natural skin care – this cream is rich in natural macadamia oil and it contains vitamin A and E…It should also protect the skin from free radicals. I am still in a phase of trying their Creme Hydratante. But up to now the impressions are all but bad. It is very wet and light in the same time, has no smell and it is a great moisturiser and basis for the make up.

For my night routine – I love overnight masks and was never able to find one which is light enough for sleeping. A year ago or so I have found this Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask which is exactly that – it could be used every night but I combine it with natural oils.

Namely, I am big beleiver in power of coconut oil – I use it everywhere – for cooking, baking, sun screen and my face. Sometimes I also combine other oils like Almond – but it is a slightly too heavy for the face on daily basis.


From the time I was sponsored by design hotel Pr’Gavedarjo from Kranjska Gora I have tried coconut and almond oil they are producing, within their Yanumi company and I have to say that oils are very pure and good quality.

(Disclaimer: Please note that sponsorship is over and I am in no way sponsored for this post or mentioning using their oils. This post is a result of my genuine opinion about these cosmetic products.)

So my night procedure is 2-3 times per week Clinique mask, 2-3 times coconut oil and one time almond oil. This gives perfect nourishment to the skin especially taking into account that during the day it is under make up and that there is quite cold weather to be protected from.

What is your skin routine?