11719913_10152999380467253_556153633_n copyMy favourite summer look is always very minimal but still with an effort to make my face look  hydrated, polished and fresh. So definitely no way around highlighters – in powder, cream, stick or balls! They are all god, just it is to be aware of their good and bad sides when taking them on.

On the pictures are all the products I am using currently although they are used for different purposes. But as they are all fitting in the same “highlighting family”  I am handling them together.


Namely, Mac Conceal and Correct Palette  and Prep+Prime Highlighter is that part which comes first, after putting your foundation. This palette is more for covering some imperfections and maybe highlighting with two lightest shades. Prep+prime is on the other hand reserved only for highlighting – putting focus on the parts where you want the light to catch on. This picture illustrates where should be highlighting zones on your face be.

Face Highlighting

When doing the whole procedure, besides highlighting you do also contouring with darker shades. In this case you will skip this step and only put some bronzer below your cheekbones.

When you are done with this part then it is time for illuminators. They can come in different forms. One option are those in powder or balls, which you put on with your brush.This summer, I am anyhow most of the time, sticking to my Mac Mineralise Skin finish – Soft and Gentle (read more  here), but as it is more bronze shade…Its direct competition is this Guerlain By Emilio Pucci illuminaitng  balls, which do have a bit more neutral shade and are more light and radiant. They are giving that more icy glow which is looks very fresh with any dressing or make up combination.


Other options are in form of sticks or creams. In the moment I have only this also mineralised highlight stick by Jane Irredale but due to the fact that it has to be really nicely rubbed into the skin I use it only when there is no foundation on like on the beach or similar.


People have different areas for putting illuminators – for me personally it works the best only on the tops of the cheekbones and a bit on the temples slightly reaching area above the eyebrows. The rest in my opinion can look very greasy.

Still, you have to try what works best for you. This is just a basis, the rest is practice. I watched like million of youtube videos on this topic but in the end have found my own procedure which to me personally suits best…

what is your procedure?