I know for Zuzka for sure 10 years or more, when my brother showed me video of girl working out in her small living room. At this time she was with Bodyrock.tv. Her exercises seemed ridiculous to me as this was my lazy stage where anything which seemed as too much effort was automatically refused and judged by me.

Years passed and I ran into her page again. I do not even remember how, But she was using her own name and was out of Bodyrock.tv. As far as I got she did not workout for some time too but then decided to go on her own and to start own brand. What a great decision this was.

Just for the record, I have no sponsorship by Zuzka or I am in any way connected to her, but being her subscriber.

I started with her workouts two years ago, finding free stuff on youtube. First workouts were such a torture . For any workout which should hast 10-15 minutes I needed 45 at least, with a lot of pauses.

After my mum died I stopped with training and then I got pregnant. The rest of the story you know. One year and 25 kg later I have started again.

Reason I am mentioning this is that I would recommend her workouts to any beginner who does not know where to start. She  has a lot of free stuff on youtube, so subscription is not necessary, at least not in the beginning. Afterwards when you progress it might be a good idea. It is inexpensive (cca 10 dollars monthly) and it gives you a lot of benefits – besides different kinds of workouts (with or without weights and also body focus categorised), it has nutrition, posture, health and other physics related advices which are suitable for any beginner to understand. There are also other contents she tries to introduce but I do not like this so much for now.

I know how it is when you would like to do something for yourself, to look and to feel better but you do not know where to start. You do not have money or time for gym, not to mention personal trainer and kilos are accruing daily. You do not need this. Why to spend money for trainer who trains with you on daily basis when you can have this in the comfort of your own home, with somebody who is really giving her best to motivate you, advice and push through her workouts. Unlike other online trainers, Zuzka does every workout with you, from beginning to the end ,without making pauses and big speeches. Of course there are also things on her page to be improved, but hey, nobody is perfect. This girl gives hundred percent and I like it.

I have started to publish my daily workouts on the blog few weeks ago but this stopped now as I am following more than less only her and her new Summer shred series (subscriber part) and I think does not make sense to publish only list of exercises when there are so much free stuff on the internet, by Zuzka and others.

So in future, I will occasionally write my recommendations of workouts  I have tried and loved in this last year and share it with you. Not only by Zuzka but also by others great online trainers. These workouts are free so you can do them at home when ever it suits you. If you have trouble motivating yourself training at home read one of my last posts about this , it might help you. Stay tuned!