Although I love to stick to some of my all times favourites workouts, I also love to explore new training programs, fitness personalities and workouts. I thought that this one is amazing to share with all of you as it does target the most hated fat areas on our bodies – our tights.

As all of my workouts are short and sweet, this 10 min one is no excuse. But be aware of its intensity – be sure that you warm up your legs really good as it is very fast and very intensive. I did it too less first time and had quite sore and even a bit painful  legs the next day.

But when you want to target certain areas of your body this is a great workout – it does not take too much time and it is very effective. With right nutrition, three times a week working out you will see results soon. And still enough time to go until summer:)

Zachary is acting as a trainer for HasFit page in this workout, but he has also channel of his own, if you would like to give him a chance and workout with him. If you do let me know how did it go!