Being into training again (read some more fat around my stomach) I use every new opportunity to explore youtube world of online workouts. This time Christian found this tabata training – combination of cardio and high intensity training solely with your body weight. It is amazing for all levels which is the main reason I put it here today.

Namely, the training is divided into six blocks, each having 2 repetitions of 4 exercises. First 2 repetitions (so first exercise) is a basic move which is than being built into more complicated moves. But if you are a beginner you can keep this first move through all the 4 exercises.

It is a full body workout and it gives you an opportunity to work on your condition. It is all together 3o min!

For all of you who would like to implement home trainings into your daily routine and are too scared to strart, meaning that you think you will be not good enough to come through the whole training this is really great option. You can easily do just this training for few weeks, trying to improve your moves and to do more every time. After that you will feel more confident to try also other youtube or other online trainings.

It is free, it is here, all you need is your will and determination! What are you waiting on?

I would really like to see it in the comments if you tried and also if you did not, what is keeping you away from it?