Like I wrote before, summer did not do me good neither was I good in summer. Final number is 6 kg – and I have feeling that “the pendulum” is still working against me. About this and program I have put in front of my self in few days on the blog, so stay tuned.

This time I wanted to share great new internet source of short home workouts.

Although I love all the workout trainers I have discovered up to now, from time to time I get tasty for some new “fresh meat”. Joking, but it is good to try different training programs and especially different training persons, as after a certain time you can get fed up with one person, which can negatively influence your training.

Surfing on youtube this time I came across a fitness community called Gym Ra. It is AMAZING!!!! At least based on this what I have seen this workout internet site is my dream coming true. It has tons of workouts, a lot of different trainers and possibility to plan your activities.

I am very bad in spontanius decisions about my workouts. Christian already made a term for me called “pre-workout crankiness”. I get in such a bad mood if I am squizeed with time and than I have to choose what to do. Zuzka has now for a long time daily workouts but sometimes I simply do not want to do what she proposes. Or body part in focus feels too tired from previous workout…then it starts that I have to search through youtube or her page. And that is no no for me.

So this page looks really promissing. It has possibility of building your own trainings, through daily or weekly plans and in advance. The same is true for planning of your nutrition. I do not know much yet but I am about to discover and will let you know.

The monthly price is very affordable with 4,99 dollars. Especially for the amount of workouts and possibilities offered.

For now for all of you who want to try tonight I have tried one of theirs free youtube videos – full body, 35 min. Very legs and gluts intensive, but it is in fact full body workout. Includes good warm up and some stretching in the end. I added some stretching on my own as my body is slowly but yes getting used to training again and would not like to feel too sore tomorrow. But other than that nothing to add. Great workout.

You want to try too? Try it and let me know how it went.