Usually, if I have something to say about makeup I do it on Mondays, but this time is very special so it can be Wednesday as well. 🙂 Today we are announcing startup of makeup Youtube channel…respectively two channels – one in English and the other in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian languages.

One of these channels already exists  and this one will stay in English. I did not publish much, only some trial videos – makeup, diy and cooking…Just to see how all video editing story is going and how to upload videos on the internet.

Beside this one, as of this week, the other  Glow channel will be active for the same topic but in mentioned three Balkan languages.

The goal is to separate the audience according to their language knowledge and not overload your Youtube feed with videos in language you perhaps do not understand.

Now we are done with technical stuff and we can switch to the interesting things… 🙂

More then once I wrote about my makeup story, how I have started with my journey, learning techniques  and getting interested in new products. Starting with the blog and taking a lot of fashion and lifestyle photos I saw the knowledge about makeup I had up to that point, was simply not enough. Slowly I started to try on new things, watching a lot of youtube tutorials and buying different new products for trying them on. To freely translate it, I started, as many other women around, to get obsessed with makeup 🙂

Still, being kind a obsessed would not make any sense if things I learn, the way I see those things would not change and evolve constantly. I am quite picky on the sources – daily I can watch many Youtube guru tutorials to get inspired on colour combos or similar, but most of my useful tricks I have learned from Youtube makeup artists. Because, although Youtube makeup gurus are  excellent technicians and I do follow them daily,  question about wearability of those looks in every day life does arise in most of the cases. Camera does not really show how much makeup are they actually wear on their faces and for every day makeup I do not feel comfortable with that. Makeup artists tend to be more mild on that topic and try to keep things simple and wearable, most of the times.

Added to the fact that we all have special skin, face or shape features we have to take into account, it is very demanding to achieve day look which does not “move” whole day and still looks natural. This is my daily challenge and would love to share my findings with you.

Night makeup is equally demanding – although you can not spot loads of makeup as in daytime, it is very easy to get crazy with makeup and look overdone. Especially in the evening, in smoky and hot places,  makeup will most probably melt down or disappear…love to search for products and techniques which make makeup  lasts  long but  provide smooth and polished look.

Eye makeup is especially important for me, as I have very small and hooded eyes. On the internet you can find a lot of advices about how to make your eyes look bigger by people who actually do not have very small eyes. Some of the tricks are good but others simply do not hold. I will be trying on some tricks on that.

My special attention always goes to the care of dry skin as my is. It was like this forever but as of my late twenties it is even more dried. I do different treatments every night, starting with professional cosmetics to home made masks and peelings. The goal is to have clear skin, which  looks good and glowing even without a makeup. Not even the most expensive makeup  will not work on the skin which is not taken care of properly.

All of these projects are demanding trying on a lot of new products. Those which I have discovered and also those others tried and recommended. There will be a lot of reviews on the channel but not too much. I do not like to review everything I try if it does not leave an impression-good or bad.  It seems to me when there are too many reviews really good and really bad ones are not as obvious.

As I am big believer in the “Glow from within” I do think that good skin comes from right food in the first place. So sometimes I will share some recipes, simple, fast and tasty but very very healthy. If you want me to share more please let me know.

At the end, I invite you to leave comment on all you would like to see connected to makeup or other topics. You can leave comment here on the blog, on youtube, social networks…

To my most wonderful friends: I love you all but please be so kind to leave all of your questions and proposals on one of the mentioned places as comments. For me this is much easier then to discuss this over phone, sms, messenger  or in person. This  helps to start open discussions and also gives an opportunity to others to contribute or to learn something out of your experience. Still thank you for all of your kind words and I am so happy you like what I do. <3

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Thanx and see you on Youtube!

Kisses, Jenny