Online shops showing up in your feeds are nothing new and everyday there are some new ones…some very worth of your trust and some not, even if the clothes they are selling seems to be perfect for the price (usually very cheap clothes). Here is one example of the site I would  not recommend to anybody.


I usually do not do negative reviews. When disliking something I just pass it and not ordering or buying anymore. This time is a bit different as I recommended it in this post, as the cutest summer buys. And I still think of their dresses as very cute, even in person (well  not all of them) but the page is very missleading when it comes to the quality of the items and especially responsivness in case of open issues.

My package with 4 or 5 dresses came quite in time, some 10 days, so from this side I was even positevely surprised. On the other hand out of 5 dresses, which should ALL be made out of cotton, only one was. The rest of them was out of polyester…for somebody not a big deal but for me really really no go! I love to wear cotton in summer and will rarely sacrifise comfort for looks.

After first dissapointment I tried to contact the page about return but when answer finally came (after some 3 days) it was in Spanish!! I wrote my msg in English! I clearly stated I want to return goods and the answer was about the delivery address and expressing their hopes that package will come very soon heh…So this made me beleive it is better to just keep the clothes, do what I can best out of them and that is it! Probably these were automatic responses to all who were complaining…and judging on their Facebook comments there is a  lot of dissatisfaction.

So I did with two of them. This is the first one, the second one I will wear when temperatures are bellow 30 degrees as it is out of 100% polyester!!

This one was all over Facebook and if made out of cotton would for sure be one of my favourite summer dresses. The tailoring is beautiful (although a bit too big on the top) and the colours are so summer like. But the material…I could stand to wear this plastic like material only over my swim suit or in the evening as during the day you feel like in a plastic sack.

Looks amazing on the pics tho…So, if taking stuff from their site be prepared to be disappointed. I saw many negative comments on their page (many of them are erased upon publishing) but unfortunately after I already made my order. Next time I know better.



What is your favorite online shop? Next time I will share some of mines…kisses, Jenny