Cheese stuffed fried peppers – HEALTHIER

Balkan kitchen is very peppers oriented, if you can say it that way….my mum knew how to make peppers in million ways. I love them and I eat them whole summer. End of the summer I always buy more and after baking them, I freeze them for the winter.

This time I have decided to make one meal immediately (after the whole day house smelled like peppers I could not resist)

Most of the peppers recipes are quite healthy. However, this recipe in original demands that peppers are in the end fried.

Here is an adjusted version with a bit less cheese and a bit more vegetables, baked in the oven.


8 red peppers

1oo g kind of Trappist  cheese

50 g Bosnian grated smoked cheese (or any smoked cheese)

100 g white kind of Feta cheese

2 large cucumbers

1 cup almond meal

1 egg

2 tbsp olive oil

cayenne pepper (optional)

Preheat oven on 180 degrees C

Cut peppers in the middle (after you already have cleaned them from seeds and removed their skin). After placing a piece of Trappist cheese in the middle add some freshly grated pepper powder on it and sprinkle a bit of cayenne pepper too ( if you have).Cayenne pepper is very good for speeding up metabolism while losing weight or trying not to gain any.

Roll them together like on the pictures (look down below). Original recipe has three times more cheese inside but reaching your fitness goals means you should decrease amount of these kinds of greasy foods in your menu and increase your vegetable intake.

Soak each roll  in egg mixture and almond meal. After this place them in a baking pan.

They do not bake long. Just for eggs to be baked respectively cheese to be melted.

While they are baking cut cucumbers in small pieces and mix them with grated smoked cheese.

After baking, take 2 or three on the plate, put cucumbers cheese mixture around them and on the top add pieces of Feta cheese.

Voila! Be proud on your self that you have chosen healthier version of this meal and do not forget to enjoy it.

Let me know how it was!