Although belly fat is often seen as overweight issue, there are different reasons why your belly can be blown, like food intolerances. This is why also those who are thin and fit, facing this problem. Still talking about fashion we all want to wear pieces which will help us hide those areas and make us look our best, even if do not feel the best.

Vienna July 2016-123


This time I write about perfect jumpsuit. Being very popular this summer, considering that all wide masses brands have variety of them in their offer (check Zara, HM or Bershka) it will not be problem to find perfect model for you. The model of these pieces is perfect for apple shaped women, who get more fat around back and stomach while the legs are more or less the same. These pieces are visually lifting the waist up to the area under your breast, where our body is usually thinest which will make waist look thiner and legs longer.

If you have also problem of blown stomach, which is usual for food intolerances or ovaries problems, then it is better to choose jumpsuit with thicker lower part, which will a bit squeeze you.


Vienna July 2016-89

Having my histamine problems recently, sometimes I get that being 3 months pregnant stomach, which made me search for the best options to hide on such a days. I have already some jumpsuits, but this is especially convenient for those days you feel like a balloon. This dark blue by Zara, besides having beautiful colour is also very practical (unless you go to toilet hihihi)

Vienna July 2016-575


Lower part has a bit thicker fabric which keeps everything at its place 🙂 while upper part is very thin, made of very nice and comfortable cotton. This makes it very good choice for day or night.

Pockets are quite high whic visually prolonges legs and makes body look longer and thiner.

Vienna July 2016-85


Btw, for ladies who have some fat on the arms this model of the t-shirt with wide sleeves is perfect. In this case, being so “fluffy” makes lower part looks smaller-this is what we all want,right?


Vienna July 2016-22

Next time in this rubrique I write about all the other jumsuits and their pros and cons….


What is your favourite piece when it comes to visually prolonging your body?