As I was very bad this summer, no training and lots of sugar and carbs, I have gained some weight and I know it is the time to come back to my healthy (and lower calories hahaha) habits. To be honest I am a bit discussed with all the processed foods I have eaten so feeling big times cravings for a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Last week I tried traditional Bosnian plum pie while visiting my aunt. Was expecting plums rolled in some kind of dough as it is a pie but was heavily surprised. This old Bosnian recipe she has does not include dough.

In fact there are only plums, a bit of flour and powder sugar sprinkled on the top. I have tried it and it was great. Plums baked great in their own juice, with a bit more of consistency, gotten from the flour inside.

Not ideal with flour and sugar but far not as caloric as Bosnian pies can be. And taste was really good so my sugar spoiled body did not crave anything else after this.

This gave me an idea to make some plum crunch my way – with no flour or sugar added and including some healthy ingredients. So being back on my healthy eating track I have tried it as soon as I came home. I made it in little soufflé pods.

My plums from Hofer were not so great as Bosnian so I had to cut them in pieces so they put at most of the juice possible out. For the topping I made mixture of coconut oil, flaxseed meal and almond meal. You can add any kind of nut meal or nut pieces…instead coconut oil, you can also add butter. I added one tbs of each ingredient so it is enough for 4 soufflé pods.  I also added a bit of cinnamon, because I love how it tastes with apples and plums.

After baking this made great crust and it was very dough like. Plums turned more into a marmelade but they also gave their juices which mixed with the crust exactly the way they should.

Christian is not such a fan of cooked or baked fruits but he ate one. Mmmm they were good. I ate two yesterday and have one for desert today.

Try it and let me know how it was.


Preheat owen on 180 degrees.

4 plums for each souffle pod – so cca 16 plums cut into a small pieces.

For crust:

– 4 tbsp coconut oil

– 4 tbsp flaxseed meal

– 4 tbsp almond meal

– 1 tsp cinnamon

Distribute plums into the soufflé pods evenly and sprinkle with cinnamon on the top. After this distribute the crust mixture evenly  to all 4 pods. Bake around 10 min (check regularly, it depends how strong is your oven)

After it was a bit cooled down sprinkle some coconut chips on the top.