Ljubljana and spring…two words which belong together. I never go there without being positvely shocked with hospitality, beauty and life in every little street of it…It is almost a second home. And boho? Boho is obligatory in summer, in spring it is pure luxury and pleasure…

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All of you who are stopping by my blog for a while have your ears full of Ljubljana probably (for those who are not here , here, here are some other Ljubljana posts). Unlike cities in Austria, where everything winds down after six p.m. Ljubljana and as a matter of fact, all even smaller cities south from it, just then start to live. Streets are full of people, coffee shops one next to the other…Clean streets in Ljubljana are always hosting friendly street bands and singers, who are just about everything you need to feel like in a movie…in love and careless.

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We go to get all that quite often. Ljubljana is one hour driving from as and it is worth every minute. We are often in this central part, as it is easiest to park and not to lose too much time but recently I am starting to discover a lot of great pleaces in this city. For those who are into more hidden treasures will write one of the next times. Still, for me personally, nothing compares to this.

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About fashion: This Bershka dress I bought on some sale in winter time having in mind exactly this kind of boho spring combo.  There is something about boots and a dress. This was so in years ago and it might be a reason I like it so much – it is not so in now. Sometimes, it seems to me everybody looks the same so this refreshed my day… Still there is also practical aspect of it – having shirt around your waist will very good hide your fat pillows, if you are like me and your fat accrues on your back 🙂

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Still, some this season trend has to be in 🙂 It is in to have short front and long back part of your outfit. Be it some shorts with long cardigan, jumpsuits made in that way, short and long skirt combo or something like mine today. You choose.

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