So sales are here and there are sooo many beautiful and trendy shoes in HM, where anyhow low prices were even further reduced.

In the past I did not buy HM shoes so much, because once I did, they were uncomfortable and that was it for me. I do not wear uncomfortable shoes, no matter how cute they are…at least most of the times.

This season I am totally crazy about their shoes. In my last post I was wearing sandals I paid only 5 EUR-not sure why were they on sale but on their page they are 14 something still…very cute, summer like and comfortable.

I did not buy many summer shoes as there are only few weeks left but I bought some of these amazing early fall shoes for very decent prices, so I have decided to share them with you! Hurry up! Limited quantities!

Let me know which ones are your favorites, kisses, Jenny

Have these in purple, not soo comfortable but on the edge—think they will do good after few rounds…had to have them for 7 EUR!
Red is in this fall, and these are out of Premium collection…so nothing to wait, if you need something red!

These are sold out in my number and that is making me sad…would love them! Once I saw them in the store and they seemed very soft tho!
These are something I try to get for some time now but my number sold out long time ago…glitter is also in the next season!


candidate for purchase definitely, a bit different version of those beige ones with black tip…so refreshing!
waited too long and they are sold out in my number…they are a must have!!!


Silk is gonna be in and these are the cheapest and cutest trend out there…for everyday not bad!
Another pair out of Premium collection and fit for rocking any effortlessly cool combination out there!


When you want to add that little special something to your monochrome outfit…
Also something I am thinking about…love this shape, and have already some pairs! heh thinking about those by VB tho…


would love them, but not sure would wear them…gold does not look so good on me, I think…but great buy! This shape will again rock the fall, they can be worn two ways, interesting and statement colour…
Calmer way to make statement with your monochrome outfit…