Who does not admire the elegance and beauty of vintage ladies, especially those from 50is or 60is…the dresses, makeup, hair…Fashion designers made fashion of that time in a way where beauty of women could be easily accentuated and that is the reason that vintage dress can be that little piece of clothes you should owe and wear it every time you want to feel kind a special.



Although today everybody admires Merylin Monroe and other big names from that times, if we think objectively those women today would not be anything special. Merylin Monroe had, what we call today fat around the waist (in those times they called it curves) and not so obvious muscle definition. In todays terms she would in fact be representative of most of the women, considering them selves not so special. Moreover, having complexes to be to fat, to ugly or similar…

Even if we analyse things from historical aspect, 50is and 60is fashion came after two world wars, hunger and death. The world needed healthy, strong but also beautiful women, which would successfully seduce their husbands, future fathers of their babies. And demographically depleted world desperately needed new babies.

So the healthy woman was considered the one with some fat layers around her waist or some nice curves, with bigger breasts as this was seen as good potential to carry and deliver healthy babies. Yeah, everything starts and ends with biology…

The dresses followed the aim of making women as beautiful as possible – all had waisted lines, accentuating the curvy shape! Red lipsticks, thick eyeliners and big lashes were in too. All for new era of love!

Today we can use these same dresses to put some dignity back to the ordinary girl and woman, who with this kind of food prevailing in the everyday offer, can not afford to have athletic body with a six pack…it is more that she is a bit rounded  and have some fat stash, just in case 🙂 These dresses, even with no accessories and additions add some dose of elegance, so what ever you wear it with you will be little, everyday diva. Flats, high heels, long hair or a bob…everything seems special!


And life with no accessories is something young mums need….to prevent little hands grabbing it all and chewing through…

However, if you are totally into vintage world, like beautiful and unique Bosnian girl called Idda Van Munster, combining all that vintage elements, can not be compared with anything else…Still, I am another kind of vintage lover. Love to combine it with classic and trendy pieces, to give it that something.

This Collectif dress is made out of cotton and it is priceless in these hot  months. Even with a hat and flats you feel like a princess. I felt like a special princess one beautiful summer afternoon in Ljubljana and can not wait to wear it again.

So, you feel that vintage flare?

All the best from crazy hot summer in Austria, Kisses, Jenny <3

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