With increasing attention to the healthy lifestyle questions the picture of traditional breakfast changes. As we used to think that bread gives us energy and wheat is good for our gut, now exactly contrary is proven. Food industry still does not recognise unhealthy foundations it is coming from, which makes it hard to change eating habits. For grown ups especially, as all these foods are something we are eating from childhood times.

I try to get on this healthy eating path for years and one thing I know for sure – one of the main reasons we are still sticking to unhealthy food is emotional one. I always stick to the food my mum made, mostly based on dough although she made also some very healthy meals too…combinations of vegetables and meat which are still my top favourites.

Still with all this we always eat bread. Not that bread our grandmothers ate but the one which is genetically modified and has too much gluten for our gut to handle. And gut is where the problems start.


I loooove bread and sugar. Nobody likes to eat those things more than I do. This is why I never succeed to come back to healthy path totally and always have little setbacks…But after a while I start to feel so bad and to crave healthy food. This means that there is some success already achieved.

Thinking about our eating habits, childhood and memories brings us to think about our own kids. We are the ones who will decide what they will love to eat in our age and all of their life. Will they love salad and vegetables… We are in charge of the future of our kids. Remember this when you make breakfast next time.

Here is one recipe your kids will love and it is sugar free and very healthy. Just two ingredients. 2 eggs and banana. Mix it together and bake as pancakes. Top with some frash fruits and if they still do not like it because is not sweet as Nutella add some honey…


My little one loves them and we eat them often. This morning I added also chia seeds pudding, from last night, which became like marmalade consistency.


pancakes with chia august 16 kids friendly-5


She did not like it at first but later….yeah, she ate!

pancakes with chia august 16 kids friendly-40


pancakes with chia august 16 kids friendly-16

pancakes with chia august 16 kids friendly-12

If this seems complicated, calculate only chia benefits (healthy fat acids, vitamins, minerals, health for your bones, gut and immune system) and divide with frog feeling after processed foods breakfast πŸ™‚ Have the feeling?

Would love to hear your opinion! Did you already try with some healthy recipes for your family? What is your biggest challenge?


Have a great day, Jenny