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Passing by this beautiful park in my town in the time of the cherry three blossom gave me immediately inspiration for this dirty rose toned outfit coupled with nude and black.

Dirty rose is one of my favour colours ever. It can be best paired with any of the neutral colours like white or beige giving them a bit saturation but not too much. This so cute bag from Zara got me as soon as I saw it – it is classical with pinch of fringe trend. It can be paired with almost anything you have in your closed, colour and style wise.

Piece of shoes every girl should have are nude pumps. They go with any colour and any style – with them you can not miss it. The outfit can be quite ordinary or very fancy, they give that something to it. When I would have to choose between nude and black, I would choose nude for sure.

One of my best buys this year as these HM black trousers with slashed knees as they are very good shaped but also the most comfortable pair of trousers which I ever put on myself. They are stretchy and soft which makes them ideal for any occasion.

This romantic spring outfit is very usable  – if you are type for high heels during the day it can be even day look but this is still something I would wear in the evening. It is romantic, elegant but still quite simple and relaxed – I would wear something like this to a first date 🙂 Would you?