How to talk about fashion, trends and designs with such a high temperatures? How not to wear the most comfortable cotton dress and avoid oversweating caused by artificial materials? How not to look to casual or like you went out in your pijamas or how to get your comfortable summer day glam? Cotton and lace, two best friends…


I do not know are only Bosnian or Balkan women obsessed with cotton, but my mum for sure was. She never bought something for me that was not made out of cotton. I was not so happy about it as those were usually those too casual pieces, but they were always comfortable… Although I never wore them for more fancy occasions, I picked only those when I wanted to feel comfortable first…for summer days at work, lectures, exams..sea..

My mum is not with us anymore, but her cotton things, I wear more and more, for emotional and practical reasons are my favourite. With time I have learned to appreciate cotton more. Now I buy it more too. My mum was very practical, I am more aesthetic type but the outcome is the same-we both loved to feel comfortable. These days brands are so versatile when it comes to combining different styles and materials, combination cotton&lace is not so hard to find.

These days in Sarajevo you could only survive in short pants and t-shirt, which desperately needed something to add some glam but not any additional heat adding layers. And here long, transparent, lace cardigans come in. They are a big trend this year, especially the transparent ones. Short pants beneath them are must wear this summer. But the truth is these kind of cardigans are always in.

Great way to visually prolong your body, cover some back legs cellulite or if made out of such a fancy material, to add a dash of glam to your day outfit.

I have bought this one in Zara many seasons ago on sale. Usually I wear it for beach or like this, over short pants. It is a bit too long for flats, so I sometimes use chance to wear it for night out too, with ridicilously high heels. Still, very practical, can be washed in washing machine with no problems and makes very unique impressions when a little dash of wind is in. And what more do you need for a day glam?

And to add it a bit more elegance, I added this lace bag, I bought few years ago in Italy. This was sold in the shop for home decor and think it is ment to be market shopping bag or something. I wear it in different combinations…but it looks amazing filled with fresh flowers or fresh spices….so Instaaa! When used as a normal bag, I put one cosmetic bag in it so I keep my belonings private and organize stuff better.

Shoes are hundred years old and love them more every year. Comfort is at its highest here. That is why the face too is almost makeup free 🙂

So, when hot, only lace and cotton and nothing more….lace also comes made out of cotton 🙂 Or you can have lace details…or accessories…or both! Great on their own or together!

This is how my summer Sarajevo days look like….and yours?