One of the new cute places to visit in Sarajevo are music stairs in Pruščakova street – dedicated to big music names of pre-war era in old Yugoslavia. Very original, cute idea, great location and beautiful surrounding…definitely worth visiting!

As most of the people from this area lived better in Yugoslavia then they live now, after independence, there are a lot of Yugo-nostalgics who are getting emotional when hearing old music hits, seeing old places…this especially comes through in Sarajevo as it was a heart of Yugoslavia. Here the mixture of religions, cultures and ethnic groups was biggest…and here the best Yugoslavian music bands were born.

Music stairs on Pruscakova street are playing exactly those biggest hits, remaining on some past good times… They send special message with one of the biggest hits ever – “If I would be somebody, how would we live…how would we love…how great it would be…

If you would like to experience Sarajevo as it was before and feel that taste of old Yugoslavia then this is one of must see places. Welcome!

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