“You can not live in Sarajevo.

When you live in Sarajevo you spend too much time.

Until you go here and there the morning is over.

Until you do this and that the day is done.

However, this is all among people.

And it is mostly a pretty story. But you can not live out of a story.

Life is short for Sarajevo.”


When you once go out of Sarajevo, this becomes the only certain destination for all the future trips. Sarajevo is always centre of all of your traveling plans, when you are there the time passes like in the poem.

For others you are just a “Gastarbeiter” and somebody who lives better and prettier life somewhere far away and comes here to remember, where he escaped from. And you… you still feel that you are at home. Where ever you live and when ever you return.

The same memories always waiting in the same places, where you used to roar with laughter or cried out your soul. Souls of those who are not here anymore are waiting for you, on the paths with no oblivion. Each time you pass by, like you would run into them, saying hello, chatting  a bit and than going further. More fulfilled. Happier.

Also those who are not from here like to return. Those, we “Gastarbeitern” brought from all over the world or those who came on their own. Everybody finds a little piece of themselves on those same streets and paths. And then always come back…to them selves.

I know, that my friends always like to come back to Sarajevo, for more pleasure. No stress coffee and more jokes on their own expenses. For braver, more smiling and  more relaxed version of them selves.

I want that also my Aysha knows how to feel Sarajevo. Herself.  And herself in Sarajevo




Where is your home? Where do you find yourself?