The question of self image border is the question,  is there any creativity in photos of women all over the world, uncovering those part of the body they consider to be their highest rated value is becoming more and more interesting with social media explosion last few years. Everybody has a need to be special and this to be proved by number of followers they have on social networks. As the market is highly competitive with respect to “normal” goods and services this is also the case with sale of hot female pictures paid with their followers desire. To compete it is always necessary to uncover more and to use creativity in order to multiply male desire and female envyness which eventually rises the popularity.

It is a question of choice. Question of public profile you would like to build-want it or not, being part of Instagram or other more opened social networks like Pinterest you are becoming a public figure. Anybody can approach your pictures and see or share them. Nevertheless there is a difference between teenagers getting a bit more exposed in order to get some extra attention and young women who are deliberately making a public profile out of their sexiness. This is a lifetime choice and it comes with its ups and downs, as anything else.

The fact is that all this is quite normal. It is all socially accepted and not subject of any negative public judgement, in general. But what about those particular cases, like when you show up in your kids school or when you are searching for job? How does it feel when your naked pictures enter the room before you do and immediately put you ten steps backwards…when you do not have to prove you are smart but you have to prove you are not stupid.You have to prove you do have a work ethics and you do not want to show part of your body at the office too, so you can progress…how you draw that line than?

With me this is even more sensitive, considering that my body proportions would fit quite nice in Kim Kardashian profile on the social networks. When I started blogging my male friends were like, so when are you publishing something sexy with some laundry action?!?! Arguing that this is not exactly what I had in mind and I would like to keep up with my career as I invested ten years to the education only, I get the answer that my master title could make me a lot different from other sex goddesses on the internet?!?! wtf? When did showing up your naked body parts on the internet become an occupation?

Showing of the body I definitely approve, when body shape is a result of sport and fitness regime, as in this case celebrates ones determination and final success which can be used to motivate others. To eat more healthy, to train more, to make decisions….On social media I follow bunch of girls rocking their bodies as result of different exercise programs and I love to see their almost naked bodies as big prize in the end of the road. There is a big difference between this approach and the one ” I am so beautiful, as nature made me like this and my job is to make selfies all day long to show to everyone how lucky I am…I will make selfie from right angle and will look perfect”!!!

As fashion and combining of clothes and accessories is a very creative process and joined with fashion photography represents a kind of art, showing of a bit more body than usually can be quite necessary. I love to shop and wear all kind of clothes, where most of them appear also on the blog. There are also very short, transparent or body parts revealing pieces which make unmistakable choice in some combinations. Still, there is a border. It is the door of my office and fence of my daughter’s kindergarten.

Where is your border?



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