Summer and soups sometimes do not fit with each other, especially having high temperatures in mind…However, combination of carrots and refreshing and a bit spicy ginger brings nice twist to your summer table and makes perfect lunch or dinner. The chicken broth is the part which gives the soup the substance and it will make you feel full longer. All together great for a healthy gut!

Although I do not have so much joy in eating soups in summer time too, considering all the pressure of fitting into summer clothes resp. looking more lean, I often eat it for lunch or dinner. Well, this summer, I start to change my mind. By chance I had a coffee with a friend and nutritionist, which was at 9 o clock in the morning so breakfast was included. We planned to eat in Vappiano but as the kitchen was still closed, she pulled out her spicy tomato soup to go. This was love on first zip.

These kind of occasions always remind me that organization is a must when sticking to clean eating challege. She always carries her food around and this is goal to follow definetely. I was a bit nervous to eat something spicy for breakfast as I have hronical gastritis as of my university times, but a great feeling in my stomach up to the lunch was the only thing I have experienced.

Combination of tomatoes sourness and spiceness of cayenne pepper (I beleive there was some ginger in it too, still did not get the recipe) inspired me to try something similar. I had some organic carrots from Sarajevo, so the deal was made.

I made the recipe along the way so if you do not have something feel free to replace or to change the quantities. I assume this recipe would go great also with tomatoes or pumpkins too.

For spicing I used homemade spices mixture, I bought in Sarajevo, made out of salt, kurkuma and 9 kinds of vegetables.


1 tbs coconut oil

700-800 g. carrots

3 cloves garlic

2 cm piece ginger(depends how spicy you like it to be)

2 dl chicken broth

cayenne pepper

Melt the coconut oil in a pan an stir garlic and ginger. Add carrots, cut in small pieces. Add the chicken broth (my was frozen) and half a litter water – more if you like to be more fluid.

Cook 10 min.

Blend until creamy.

Serve with cayenne pepper.

Like it?