One of Slovenia’s most beautiful locations but yet not so crowded with tourists, like its close neighbour Bled. June is perfect month to enjoy on the lake Bohinj, find shelter on one of its beautiful almost private beaches and really relax.

For all the years I was living in Slovenia, never was so much on this lake. Few times I was passing by but never really spent time there. Was one of those things left to be enjoyed after I finish with my university education-I know it sounds crazy, but in those times I was studying, working and having additional activities I simply had no time for leisure time.  Now I know I should make more time. Learning always goes better after a good relaxation.

Bohinj June 17

Going through the camp in the little village Ukanc reveals shore full of small “beaches” which were this time quite empty. After one two hundred meters we have found this one and stayed there for hours. Emerald green water really looks exactly like in pictures. Water is so clean you can easily spot the fishes swimming around above white stones carpet, fading into green deepness.

There was a lot more to explore, for some  of the next times, but we stayed here as this was enough. Simple pleasures are always the best. Sometimes we tend to pass over things we like, hoping something even better is coming and missing the opportunity to enjoy now and to the full extent in something good, and keeping something better as motivation to go further next time.

According to the weather forecast there should be max 23 degrees so this was planned as little Sunday walk in the nature and some playground for little one. Forecast was wrong…It was sooo hot it was just question of time we would get in…at least part of us, those who could bear to wet their underwear 🙂

Bohinj June 17

I was not in the mood to stay in my underwear but walking around on rather hard stones and even getting few wounds on the feet, had its charm. However, was so grateful we did not remember to take her water shoes with us, as walking up and down on the stones could become even more intense.

Lake was calm as always, only kids could be heard around. It was hard to think about anything really. Was just sorry we did not buy bunch of fruits on our way here, we could stay until evening. Still, water was so ice cold, it would be probably too much for her. Everything has its reason. Even small failures make sense when you think twice.



Eventually she did get tired and hungry. We did not count to stay so long. But we are coming back soon.