Who does not like to start the day with pancakes? Especially healthy ones…..Yes pls!!!

Our weekends are usually reserved for pancakes…week is so busy and weekends relaxed and slow… just right for pancakes!

Making gluten free pancakes can be big challenge as they do not have gluten – so they are no sticky and elastic as normal flour is. This is why this American type of pancakes is better to make, baking powder playing role of making them a bit more fluffy.

In this recipe you use banana so it is even sugar free (well if you do not count in fructose) and for those who like it a bit sweeter there is still marmelade to add in between. This marmelade is made of Bosnian raspberries and it is delicious- with just a bit of honey and chia seeds it has a perfect consistency while keeping a bit of its original sourness.

This little pancake cake not only looks good but also allows very practical eating…you simply cut it as a cake…or stake heh:) I added a bit of peanut butter so it breaks out that sweetness a bit and adds a bit more texture…and, hey, nobody refuses additional protein right?


3 eggs

1 banana

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 cup coconut flour

some vanilla extract

First mix together banana and egs, than add other ingreadients.

When you use 1/4 cup as measurement you will get around 10 pieces, enough to make two “cakes” hills for two.

You are ready to try?

Kisses, Jenny