Story about the first Glow Hunters sponsor is quite special. I have decided, not to overload my page with senseless adds and promotions of companies,  I do not know anything about. As my first intention with Glow Hunters was not to earn money at any costs, I did not plan to sell advertising space to the highest bidder.

We have decided that design hotel Pr’Gavedarjo from the village Podkoren from Kranjska Gora, Slovenia is the right choice for this role. This is a design hotel, placed in a very cute village in a sky area, where I lived during my student years.

Initially this was a house of Gregori family (in the village called Gavedar-s), which was in fact farm for many years. The entire generations exchanged, the whole history happened to the house and people who were living there. This big story is now part of modern design hotel, integrated into old Slovenian architecture . This house is a part of cultural heritage perseverance program  and during the latest renovation, it was strictly taken care of, that all the original parts and materials were preserved, combined with new ones and integrated into a new product ready for tourists to experience.

The owner, Martina Gregori,  is the granddaughter of the initial master of the house. I know Martina for years now and this was not something she did over night. She spent years planing and brainstorming the project, making sure that all the details are taken care of and that certain principles are in line. She was especially strict about  integration of the old structure into the modern one, without harming it or changing it in any way. Her fight lasted for years and finally dream came true in 2013.

Hotel is a part of very big house and garden complex, which should be re-integrated with the hotel in years to come. For now there is this small hotel, with only 5 rooms/apartments, each with a special story behind it. Rooms are having names of their previous inhabitants and are proof of rich history of the farm life in the house. On the other hand the hotel is first step into modern world building its great vision for future on these stories.

The hotel is imagined as more then just a hotel.  It is planned to have kind of homy nature, where guests are treated individually and it is taken care, that their touristic experience, is also a personal one. The owner sees it as a place with a big vision. In fact if you would know Martina, you would know that that vision does not end – it lives and grows like inhabitants of the house.

Being already now a quite special place is just one fight which was won – the most important fights are now to come. The policy of its owners and managers are to promote, not only the history of the house but also its current features and perspectives.

Not only that the house is located in the most beautiful natural environment, under Julian Alps, but the family is also very ecologically oriented. They  continue  to promote usage of natural materials, energy efficiency and living in the peace with the nature. In their offer are mostly  local products (part of the breakfast offer) , eco products they are making on their own (medical mushrooms, cosmetics, honey)  or fair trade products (coffee).

This is in fact the way they are trying to live and they  are very proudly promote it, as part of lifestyle in the magical Kranjska Gora Valley. Making  sure that certain picture about this little, but special country, is taken to the world. And according to their philosophy, those special people, who are trusted to take this message, are their guests.

I have heard this story from Martina for so many times over the years. It is so great that we have this opportunity for cooperation and that Glow Hunters can help in promotion of this unique product. They are like this blog in the moment – little place with a great vision. I believe this  impression was mutual, when Martina decided to enter into this role with the Glow Hunters.

Our cooperation has a great vision behind it and we both hope that you will be able to recognise it.  Our  6 weeks cooperation program, where the hotel is general sponsor of our giveaways (every week one) is ending with a big finale where the lucky winners will win 2 weekend packages in the hotel.

Besides these weekends, we will run 5 additional giveaways, every week rewarding one category of our old and new followers – we will gift jewellery, accessories, cosmetics, make up, sports and home accessories and so on.

On the other hand on you will be able to learn more about this amazing place, its owners, heritage and mission. Our mutual commitment is especially promotion of Kranjska Gora and surrounding area. 2 lucky couples  will be able to experience this personally.

So, for more informations about this design hotel be sure to visit their home page or like them on Facebook, as these are also the places where the giveaway scheme will be presented next few weeks.

First giveaway announcement on Tuesday 21.7.2015!