My ideal type of training is the one I do at home, it does not take me more than half an hour and I do not need a lot of equipment for it. Although there are tons of home workouts, which you can do solely with your body weight, introducing weight can have its benefits (about this in one of next articles). Still, I was never too exited to buy bunch of equipment which is used maximum one hour per day and rest of the time just takes place around the apartment.

After realising that I would need some kind of weights in order to speed up my fitness progress (read: to lose afterbirth kilos in   reasonable time) I have discovered “Her Highness The Kettlebell”. This piece of equipment enables you to do dosens of  exercises, you do not have to go to the gym and it is very small to be stored anywhere in your home.

The internet is full of kettlebell trainings. I have started to use it (and heard of it) via Zuzka Light, as at this time she was the only online trainer I was following. She has very wide and diverse range of exercises with kettlebell, for beginners and advanced. Still, the fact is that most of her workouts are for subscribers only and if you are going to give it a try for the first time, you probably do not want to subscribe yet.

Nothing for that, there are plenty other options out there, for free. Of course it is always hard to start. When I started with kettlebell I did not even know how to hold it not to talk about training with it. It is to be kept on mind that kettlebel can be very dangerous as you can hurt your self very easily. The important thing is to buy the right weight and to learn right the basic moves.

Although I was reading  a lot on the  internet what is my ideal weight of kettlebell, starting with 8 kg was too much. After one basic training I was unmovable for few days-besides very soar muscles I have also hurt my back. It was not fun. But after recovering for 7 days, I have started again but this time with 6 kg. This went better. After 2-3 months I was able to switch to 8 kg.

I am still there although now I try to do some exercises with 12 kg. Honestly, I am not so inspired to move on bigger weights any time soon, as this is totally enough to keep my body running while still maintaining and improving the shape.

Learning the basic moves is a bit harder job, as usually all the trainings are just implementing the exercises with those moves and you have to get them on your own. They are explained, but still  a lot of dedication and concentration is needed to do the training right (as you are alone and have nobody to stand above you and tell you is your posture ok). And that is how those injuries are made.

So, for all of you who would like to start to train with kettlebell after trying with some kind of body training (my recommendations for beginners here) and to use it as next logical step I have found great youtube video. It is called Kettlebell clinic. In fact my husband has found it by chance but it is an excellent way to enter in this world, as painless as possible. The trainer explains everything, from ways to hold it to basic exercises.

This 30 something minutes training seems very innocent but it is in fact very hard. Take care to rest in-between if you are tired and be prepared that your muscles will be very soar the next two days. But worth any minute. Be sure to warm up and cool down good to protect yourself even more from injuries (in the same article some short ones from Zuzka)

This was our  best investment after  long time, hope it will be yours too. If yes, let me know!