What would hectic Friday tell to lazy Sunday? Sundays are days not to think about makeup or to wear clothes which will undoubtedly, sooner or later get us thinking what part of body we have too much or too less. Every woman should have in closet one such a dress where she can hide when all she wants is to blend into half empty city streets and dream away into her plans for the next week.

It is amazing how women are obsessed with their body image and things they would like to change. It is in our nature. Not only the weight we do not like on us but also hair, shape of the nose, size of lips and eyes, brightness of the teeth… I do not know one single woman who is not, at least sometimes, talking ” I wish I would have” language…

Ajd Gor August 16-167

Every day we stand up and make ourselves beautiful for ourselves and for the outside world. And it gets much easier to satisfy outside world then ourselves. Because, they see what we present them with-if we choose our clothes wisely and do our make up with a bit of sensibility, we can hide mountains underneath. The only one we are exposed in front of are ourselves.

Ajd Gor August 16-132


Every single day looking in the mirror, dressing, putting makeup we see the same picture. Even hundred times without internal voice without comment, does not mean it is not yet to come…this should not be negative. We all strive to be better. Not being happy with our shape can make us exercise more. Not being happy with hair to color it less. Realising our face features limitation to change our makeup approach (because you can change your face quite a bit with makeup)…

Ajd Gor August 16-243

Still there are those days when you are not the body. You are just your inner self. Your soul. And unique personality as you are. On those days you should have that one white flat,” A model” maxi dress to make your body disappear and focus only on having one great day with your love ones.

This is my escape dresss and the bag I wear every day. As long as its the color of my hair πŸ™‚

Ajd Gor August 16-53

And then when you really relax, do not care and enjoy, you see your self without makeup and in simple white dress (even if you have mint hair to remind you of your restless spirit) that you are so unique and perfect to your self.

Ajd Gor August 16-64

Ajd Gor August 16-86


Happy Friday people! Keep this in mind next Sunday when you think what to wear! kisses Jenny

p.s. one perfect Sunday in Slovenia and Italy, little cities when I was studying and always love to come back:)