Old bobsled trail on one of the Bosnian Olympic mountains has such a charm of an old timer, waiting to be polished again…the size and the whole length of this construction almost make you feel the speed bobsleds used to slide on it. The old beauty still shines through…we saw beauty in its rough walls, filled with graphics  and in endless curves, making beautiful composition, dream of any photographer…



This concrete, being the greyest grey inspired me to wear my new Ego official boots, thigh high and made of softest suede. They were part of my test online purchase on their site, together with pink, socks like short booties which I wore more in late summer early fall.

Over knee boots are in more then ever. In past they were part of night or day glam, not everybody was ready to try on…now they can be paired with anything. From big hoodie dresses to skirts, shorts or jeans…

Particularly this pair is size and width wise more appropriate to be paired with jeans…unless you are type with very wide thighs. I did try to wear it with a dress – they tend to fall down up to the knee area! This does not look bad at all but it is different kind of look you get – you can sell it as a very classic dress and long boots kind of look. As a matter of fact, I was thinking, this is even good side effect of this model as you can wear it as “normal” up to the knee boots, to office or some place where you do not want to be sexy goddess in your over knees…because, lets face it – does not matter what are you wearing them with, they are sexy!


Being on the mountain in high heels was weird enough (all for art hehe) but this also inspired me to pair them with rather sporty combination – fingerless gloves, hat, jeans and very winter like puffy Converse jacket… and to add touch of fanciness I added this black Guess bag. I mean, this bag is good for literally everywhere…it fits to anything!


Still, star of the show are boots and have to say was damn good purchase. For cca 50 EUR you get really nice boots, very trendy which you will not be able to see on everybody. When you open the box the smell of them tells you this is not the best quality and it does imply where were they produced but comparing with prices in the stores, you save at least 50% of the price…They are very nicely done, comfortable and classy! I recommend!

If you would like to order on EGO page, I recommend to subscribe to their newsletter and waiting for sale – they have them literally weekly so you can save between 15 and 25%!









You like them?