One way to make to make very easy and comfortable fashion statement and to appear leaner…they are everywhere and in every shape, pattern and length!

Cardigans, especially with the flower pattern are everywhere to be seen. If you are more of the monochrome type you can choose something like this, simple and possible to combine in so many ways.

This middi length makes it very suitable if you are one of us, who have some kilo or two too much or naturally curvy body so we appreciate some good body prolonging when ever possible.

And they are perfect for fall layering-not thick to be hot in, but still making that nice cuddle up moment, when you suddenly in the evening realise it is not summer anymore…well, yes officially but to bi taken care not to get out without that additional layer. And this one subtile layer is all you need these day in my beautiful Sarajevo…just a little glimpse of upcoming fall!

Next time I write about one of the best transition peaces you for sure have in your closet for years and can wear it with literally everything!!!