Lately I was asked a lot how is possible to have it all-to be mother, wife and having that perfect life featured on the blog?!?!? Wtf??? There are perfect photos, perfect light, combination of colours, textures and compositing, but there is not such a thing as a perfect life, body or beauty. It is all about some bloggers tricks…

Few days ago I was sitting on the balcony of our rented sea side apartment, enjoying short holidays we menaged to squeeze into our schedules and talking online with one of my old friends…about everything, kids, family, blogging…it always came back to the topic of perfection. It made me thinking….there is not such a thing as a perfection!

After day of swimming I had no will for makeup or doing my hair, which is anyway so dried up from bleaching, life without blow dry would be unthinkable. While waiting to go out for dinner I put a big scarf on my head, faking turban kind of hat, not to get cold as September winds were already announcing fall.

To make all look more thought through I choose stripes earnings matching them with a scarf.

I wore cotton jumpsuit, the most comfortable peace of clothes I own. Still, being aware it makes me look thiner because of its high waist tailoring and darker due to light colour it was a perfect choice.

Then it came to me to make this article. With some posing tricks making me look thiner, leaner and taller and this little fashion tricks, this photos could even look professional if it would not be so dark already that grain is all over.


Slatine Ciovo sept 2016-281
high waist jumpsuit will make your legs appear longer and waist smaller


Although I adore to chase perfection in my photographs this time I enjoy in them as that evening was-comfortable, peaceful but bare skinned, without makeup and not perfect.

Think about this next time you admire somebody for being perfect.