Corset belts are also this season here to stay, being part of somewhat different, season adjusted ways to wear it. One basic peace makes big trend now and your wardrobe classic staple at least next ten years.

Being everywhere over the summer, our eyes were getting a bit tired of corset belts. Still, this is refreshing time for curvy and hourglass shaped girls, as this piece is showing off that one thing separating us from bulky and shapeless. I embraced them over summer, wearing especially those I helped designed with Etiquette accessories. Secretly I was hoping they are here to stay which was confirmed…belts in general, worn over blazers and jackets were big part of fall fashion shows. Self-portrait made it true with corset belts and inspired me to make this look.

This belt is again designed by amazing Etiquette accessories from Sarajevo this time more for fall days out of timeless denim. Inspired with before mentioned runway show I paired them with denim over knee boots and amazing HM black blazer. This season double buttoned, bit longer blazers are the big trend but the true is that they are around now for few seasons…being around in fact for decades, as one of the most common jacket models to wear.

This by HM especially fits good to hourglass shape, as it is tailored that way, not making your waist disappear like is the case with many other trends we are to wear in the last years. As soon as I saw it it was mine. I rarely buy something in HM, not being on sale but when I like it I do not wait! It is very good made. I can imagine to wear it for years, model and quality wise.

Having this black denim combination made it possible and wearable for me. Otherwise, I would feel a bit trashy. This is the thing with curves. What looks chic on flat “tailored” girl can look awful on be sure I am not on the edge, I paired everything with very lawyer strict hair style, some vintage bow and Primark nerdy glasses. This way I felt comfortable wearing all this.

Kisses Jenny