This weekend from planning to go to Nova Gorica, where I spent my study time in Slovenia. The plan was to visit some friends who have great sports nutritions shop and make our protein stash plus visit fashion outlet near Venice. As Nova Gorica area has very high humidity in summer we have decided to spend night in surrounding hills – Goriska Brda – where the climate is much more pleasant in summer.

This place is called “Slovenian Tuscany” as it is wine area, with a lot of ecologic touristic farms, great homemade Slovenian food with significant Italian influence, as the state border in just kilometres away. End of May is also a time when cherries are to be picked and in my student days I loved to come there in this time of the year. Bringing my little family back here was a special pleasure as it has all the features of real fairy tail where relaxing and chilling out after busy week is a must.

This time I have found Farmhouse Stekar, via It had a great reviews and the price was very reasonable so we gave it a try.

It was a bit tricky to find as navigation does not recognise the street numbers in this village Kojsko and the signs within the village are not really big. Still after finding it, first impression was great- the place looked the same or even better then on the internet pictures.








By luck, we got even an apartment instead of double room we paid for so nice surprises continued. Apartments are nice,new  and clean but this was the place we spent the least of our time, considering beautiful backyard and outside area.

The thing definitely worth mentioning is that food is on request. So there is no restaurant opened or so, but if you would like that they prepare food for you you should mention this in your reservation. We did not know this and did not do it. Still, it was possible to get some of their meat and cheese products and some excellent home made wine. They were also very kind to especially make up some soup for the baby although they did not have anything in already prepared. We really enjoyed ourselves eating and drinking in this idilic surrounding. This night we were the only guests which made things even better, as there was a total peace. Just three of us and their friendly dog Manu which was guarding us and the house, while the whole family went out to pick up cherries.







One thing to keep in mind is that these are hills! So evenings are also in the evening quite fresh and the heating system was not on. Luckily we had enough warm clothes for the baby and we, while drinking out our great house wine helped ourselves with blanket which was in the closet. Still sleeping was very convenient, especially as our room was by natural water pool where frogs were singing the whole night.

In the morning, pool area was very handy for doing morning cardio and have the most relaxing stretching in peace and quiet before the next day started.


Breakfast choices were quite good but keep in mind, adjusted to the current offer of the farm. So no fancy stuff but more this what they make at home. So dried meat, cheese, butter, marmalades and fresh milk. Day before the owner picked some peaches outside of the house, which were now cooled and ready to eat. The only remark with respect to the breakfast was the location – one would expect, as it was very nice weather that it will be outside on the same place where we ate previous evening. This was unfortunately not the case. It was served inside, in quite cute but closed space where you are not able to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding. This would be my only remark regarding possible improvements of this place.


After the breakfast we did not hurry to pack so much neither we felt that the owners were expecting us to. The mood was quite relaxed, we were sitting around drinking each  our third coffee, baby was around and we felt quite relaxed. We spent so much time in their wonderful hammock, playing and enjoying these last hours.








One more thing to notice is that they to not accept credit cards for payment. To us they were very friendly and allowed us to pay via bank transaction although the nearest ATM should be in the same village. So not only that we did not have to bother to go to pick money for our food and staying but also we were allowed to take some cherries and wine with us too.


As conslusion, one of the better places we visited. For those staying more then one day a lot around to explore and great place to return to in the evening. We are definitely coming back, if nothing else, to pick more of their great wine. Even if we do not drink it too often, this one is irresistible as it tastes good and due to its ecological production does not make you feel bad next morning.

I feel SLOVEnia!

Would like to hear comments from all those going to visit this place or were already there.

About outlet in Noventa (near Venice) in one of the next posts!