City of Trogir came quite unexpectedly as our destination, as well as its beauty caught us unprepared.

We needed just few days at the cost, resting and using the last weekend of the summer, forcasted to be sunny and hot. Trogir was rather lucky punch then something we planned. We stayed in little village Slatine on the island Ciovo (post about this is to follow) and we came every night for dinner to the city of Trogir.

The old part of the city is rather small and strolling few times through its main streets makes impression of deja vu…Little shops, restaurants, lot of churches, castles and towers… Still, every time we discovered some new little corner, unique and beautiful like nothing else we found in the city before.

We decided to come with camera on our last day and to get some of that beauty captured.

Considering that Trogir is best preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Central Europe no surprise the whole city is part of Unescos World Heritage list.Still bare walking and rumbling around its streets is so magical as you never know what waits around the corner.

What was your favorite place this year?