Last few weeks the fashion world was buzzing only about HM&Balmain collaboration on fashion collection, which was released on 5.11. and sold out within hours. People were waiting in front of HM stores and the internet page crushed, as soon as the sale started.

This scenario happened also in all the other HM designer collaborations, so it was expected also this time. The fans are heavily disappointed and are demanding for re-stock of sold out goods. Will this happen is still unclear, but if you are really into having any of these pieces, Ebay is offering them….although the prices can be even three times higher 🙂

Balmain is not one of the fashion names everybody knows about, like Dior, Gucci or Prada, but it is one of the oldest French brands from the beginning of the last century. In the time after II World War Balmain was called “king of French fashion” and outfitted stars like Ava Gardner or Brigitte Bardot. Balmain remained very “couture” and high fashion like brand all the years after the War until the death of Pierre Balmain in 80-is. After this many designers were running the house, including Oscar de la Renta too.

The Balmain signature style is simple, classic and details focused. With changes in management of the house, this was changing from time to time. The last and the current leader of the brand is Oliver Rousteing, who previously worked for Roberto Cavalli. His signature designing are satin, skin tight tailoring and the embroidery.  He tries to orient brand to the finer aspects of French couture and to add it fresh take too. In this spirit also the collaboration with HM was announced.

The HM collection is a mixture of his design with orientation on broader masses – the pearl embellished dresses and oversized leather coats . Taking tradition and techniques of French luxury and opening them to the world. For “normal” people who are being targeted as buyers of these pieces, the designer wants to experience sexiness and confidence wearing them. Many of the pieces are re-creations of runway looks, as the designer wanted to give people the chance to wear exactly these high fashion pieces, which would be otherwise out of their budgets.

Of course one has to know that these pieces were by far much more expensive, than regular pieces sold by HM, but taking into account the quality and unique design of the pieces, this was to be expected and it is to be seen justified.

If you are interested in work of this designer and in Balmain brand, lately it very social media oriented so you can find it on Instagram under @balmainparis and hashtags #balmainarmy or collaboration hashtag #hmbalmaination …

Here are the looks of the collection! You like it?