Tomorrow, we Muslims, celebrate Bayram and traditionally we eat a lot of sweets. Here is one healthy option I suggest for all of the people who have no time, want to eat and offer others healthy desserts (and not into desserts decorating:)

There are no exact quantities here, it depends how much of this stuff you need. Shredded coconut is to be mixed in ratio 1:1/2:1/2 with coconut oil and healthy sugar replacement (I used coconut sugar in syrup, but you can use also honey, maple syrup…). So if you use a cup of coconut then you should use half a cup sugar and half a cup coconut oil (You can use also cacao butter instead).

Coconut mass is to be pressed with your fingers onto bottom of baking pan, covered with parchment paper and to be put in freezer for half and hour or so.

Chocolate part you make in ratio 1:1 – raw cacao powder and coconut oil (or cacao butter). Here you can add the same sugar you used for your coconut part but I choose not to. I love combination of bitter black chocolate and sweet coconut part. I added just some vanilla powder.

Add chocolate mass to the frozen coconut layer and freeze together for few hours, best over night.

Cut in equal pieces with whole length of a sharp knife, making bars or cubes.

Enjoy and if you celebrate, Eid Mubarak!

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