For the last summer vintage editorial we decided to make pinup style editorial, featuring this beautiful dress and such a cute clutch-square-box bag. In the same time we tried to re-create makeup which was significant especially for 50is when everything after Second world war bloomed and women were prettier then ever.

These kind of vintage dresses are made for curves and more rounded shapes. After war time brought in trend of wealth and health through women curves, which were in this way seen to be ready and fit to give birth to new babies. The population was seriously decreased after the war so world needed new babies.

Here we are recreating this kind of mood, focusing on all the elements, makeup, hair and clothes. Hope you like. Would love to hear your feedback!

p.s. In my home studio I had also one bigger baby could not sleep and joining us! Excuse her pyjamas….:)

Here are just some of many many photos!


HALJINA U TORBA DOSTUPNE u  Kunststätte Klagenfurt