Vintage dresses, although unique and unbeatable in their beauty and elegance, stay rather useless because, no woman (or just few of them) wants to wear solely retro style, however attractive this might look.  But combining vintage pieces with those vintage pieces from other eras or even with modern clothes, gives this old fashion new spirit and leaves space for originality and dynamics…


If fashion is something nowadays, it is for sure dynamic…unlimited and free. Nothing new can be made. All the wearable options were already invented. We can make their variations. Or combine things in another way…from one or the other fashion decade, fashion collection or fashion stream…and thats the whole beauty about fashion-your own vision.

My vision this time was this vintage skirt with pockets, which remindes me more on some houswife skirt then classical old Holiwood style vintage dress…To me it seemed very practical for sightseeing in Prague. These early morning photos we did in the underground, which is by default “smelling” on pop culture, wildness and non-obayance. It remindes me on 80is pop culture feeling. That is why this classic 80is red jacket was my choice. Blond messy hair with big front part and red lipstick.

Not to leave this lady like skirt alone I added Zara shoes, so typical for our time….also adding heels for practical reasons and not allowing the A shape of underknees skirt to make me look shorter.:)

And bag?

Wild girls in subways do not wear bags…they keep them in pockets…as did I…of my cute vintage skirt:)

You like metro retro? 🙂



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