Let´s face it. We were all there. Even films and media always promoted the “but the first coffee” idea. But what it really does to our bodies?

The idea of drinking coffee first in the morning is so familiar that nobody is questioning it. With exeption of people who have chronical stomach problems, we are all focused to get that half bitter taste first thing in the morning, before we even think what to eat for breakfast.

Apparently, this is the worst idea we can have. The fact we are drinking coffee first thing in the morning is closely connected with levels of our stress hormone-cortisol. It is an essential element of our normal hormonal cycle during the day, called circadian clock, which is enabling our body to wake up and to wind down in the evening. When we drink coffee first thing in the morning, we are supplementing natural cycle of our body so less cortisol is produced.

The best recommended time to drink coffee is at least one hour after waking up or between 2 and 5 p.m. when our natural levels of cortisol are the lowest and we in fact need some additional push in energy.

Think about this  tomorrow morning.