The winter sales are already on and all the shops want to get rid of their winter collections as soon as possible, so they can focus on the new season. Still some trends are going to be in also the next season. Here is a sneak ad peak into runways so you can check out what is worth buying for half price as you will be able to wear it also next year.

  1. Wide belts ( like corset belts, wide folded ones, unique ones)

This season corset inspired belts are very much in, to be worn with more casual or more formal combinations. They are an excellent choice to refresh any combination but also to to subtile emphasis of your feminine side through putting the accent to your waist line. Depending on material and pattern this accessory  can be part of your everyday style and make you feel different.

Also in the next season, wide corset like or somewhat different ones, with small belts will be something you will be wearing. More unique better. Keep this in mind when browsing through sale items.

2. Thin long scarfs, to tight around neck

This season these kind of scarfs are everything. You can tight them in different ways- soft way, like a bow or just wrap it around your neck. Great option for work too but as well as for everyday style, depending what are you combining it with.

Next season trend continues. Mixture of eighties and nineties with a dash of your own creativity.

3. Choker necklaces

If you would have to choose one piece all the girls had this season it would be chocker necklace, starting to appear in their wide form beginning of the season and not taking over with all of its shapes – thin, subtile and lace like ones.

This trend continues! The chocker necklace effect you can achieve with special part of jewellery or with your thin scarf, putting its ends on your back. Get creative and go to sale!