Beginning of this year can be named a philosophical one as these last almost three years came to the point, where my blogging work  gets self-evaluated and I think quite actively how to continue this trip. As I wrote before, when starting I was hoping just to do some creative stuff I am interested in and to keep it light weight, without considering too much what happens in the future.

As time was passing by I realized there is a whole business behind it. I realised what influencer marketing is, how marketing changed, how the society changed with social media and internet…There were moments when I saw no sense in all that, it seemed too much and too overwhelming. For myself, I wanted to investigate how all runs, without being even sure where is my place in all that. I kept my publishing and being present on social media, but pure own interest and not business guided.

Where my interest definetely was re-born, was the new found legal aspect of the modern marketing tools. As usually, law is barelly coping with new changes so the new world is more or less running  outside of frames or relying on the old legal frames, which are less and less fit to serve the purpose. A lot will have to be said and I want to be part of it. Years ago I was commenting on European gaming legislation in one Slovenian legal magazine and I am happy they are ready to publish my comments on marketing law too. This part of me is very happy as I am starting to work on my legislative analysis. Partly because I am ridiciulosly in love with law topics (especially new ones) but partly because I am part of this influncers world one way or the other and I see where things are going wrong resp. where are amazing opportunities in it. Would be amazing to connect this with the legal frame in a right way.

This is the part which  concerns me least, as I have decided many years ago I love law. And I studied a lot of years in order to be able to practice it. I secrifised and I knew why. With blogging is a different story. It started as a hobby, in between I almost gave up as it seemed all fake and senseless… being off from it for a while I got that the love is there, same love wich made me start with it in the first place. So walking away was not an option. It is more the question how to be part of it. To keep it as a hobby, with no marketing involved or to go with regular path, everybody else is going. And what path this is – the official one or the truth one? Or there is also one in between?

Not so long time ago, impressed by some goings on Instagram I wrote this post, questioning the whole Instagram thing, being public secret that fake followers, likes and comments is something you have to count on. And if you dont you are out. Because everybody is looking for numbers, even if they are fake. In that moment I could not be more far from even thinking to be part of influencers marketing, especially one on Instagram. After few days of low Instagram activity, I noticed that logically my likes, comments and similar decreased…I was not surprised or dissapointed as I knew I was not giving enough into this flee market game anymore.

Being part of some Instagram related (and not pods related) Facebook groups I started to notice that other people started to complain too… Apparently Instagram again changed its algorithm and now small accounts became even more invisible. The panic started to spread through accounts and the groups of people started to chat about it, supporting each other, understand each others pain…for somebody from the outside this can be quite weird, as this is “only” social media. But to build a profile, with certain focus, needs a lot of time, dedication and knowledge. There is a huge competition, so every photo has to be top quality in order to compete. Influencers social media accounts are becoming their visual CVs so marketing commercials standards are applied.

In fact I was able to hear the stories from all kind of influencers…and to get to know profiles from some of them, really really god ones. And to flip the coin, seeing also the other part of the story. Of genuine people, just like me, who are working constantly on some really cool content and trying to present it to the wide audiences, through all the hurdles… Than it came to me… nothing is black and white. Instagram world is becoming fake because one part of the people decides to take a shortcut and to cheat the system, which is allowing this. Other part are trying to keep their red line while adjusting to the new things, as good and as fast they can. And this second part is the one where it is clear this new thing makes sense. They shine through the best of it.

And suddenly, answer I was searching for a long time is here. Suddenly it becomes clear where do I belong.

And moreover, how I can write and help regulate something I am not part of.? How can I tell the stories if they are not told to me and I am not there to experience them? How can I keep my both loves, without one excluding the other… Finally everything starts to make sense.

With this post I am introducing the rubric “Blogger to blogger” where bloggers/influencers related topics are to be handled and will serve as a guide and dialog box for all with similar interests.

So, what do you think of me as a professional blogger?

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